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People know Bella Morais for having a lot of ideas… maybe even too many ideas. For a long time these were simply notes in another journal, or conversations over coffee. But in the beginning of 2019, Bella wanted to to find a way to bring her ideas together into one place where they could benefit the people around her.

For the past five years she has helped friends and family launch websites and brand themselves. It was only during the summer of 2018 that she that through offering her branding services beyond her family and friends, she could find a way to synthesize all of her ideas into a brand of her own.

In August 2018, she realized that this was how she wanted to work with creative people— melding her ideas with their visions to create a brand that would bring their business to the world.

This past winter, Bella has taught numerous workshops on brand development and social media strategies. Her current clients include a range from aestheticians, personal stylists and publishing houses.

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