Who is the re-branding package for?
The person who currently has a brand, who used to have a brand and wants to bring it back to life, or someone who has worked on a previous brand and wants to branch out on their own.

How is it different from the Branding package?
Rebranding package is a little different than the branding package because re-branding implies that you have a brand, you just want to spice it up. This package includes:

  • Web development (ie. transferring information)

  • Logo and Print design (business cards, brochures, posters)

  • Social media campaigns

  • Advertisement, publication and marketing

  • Online store set up

  • Event planning

  • And anything else you may need.

When do we get started?
After we have our first conversation (which you can schedule here) we will come up with a timeline that best fits your needs.