Islander’s Write FREE Social Media Workshop

12:15 pm – Navigating Literary Twitter — How to Make a Statement with 240 Characters. 45 minutes
In this workshop, you will learn how to use Twitter to your literary advantage. Most agents, authors, and editors use Twitter to get to know current writers, and use the platform to connect with people in a more personal, yet informal way. This workshop will help you draft tweets and create literary accounts; it’ll go over the ins and outs of setting up a Twitter, and hone in on the secrets to Twitter success.

3 pm – Instagram as a Voice — Setting Up Your Instagram to Brand Yourself as a Writer. 45 minutes
In this workshop, Bella Morais will go over the importance of image in this day and age. One’s image doesn’t necessarily have to be millions of photos of themselves. Rather, it can be a place to curate your literary inspiration and a way to connect with others who have the same aspirations. We will also go over the importance of engagement and hashtags, and how to stay human in the storm that is social media.


Branding and Marketing Workshop Series: Spring 2019

branding and marketing workshop series.png

Spring is the time for new beginnings… which means it’s the perfect time to launch your new brand! Whether you have a new idea that you want to explore, or revisit something you’ve already created, this workshop is a great place for you. In this workshop, we will be covering every aspect of branding. We’ll start with cultivating your passions and ideas and move to transforming them into exactly what you envision.