The Bella Balance


So what is the Bella Balance? Seeing as “bella” in Italian means “beautiful”, and balance means… well, balance, I have created this blog as a place to explain the beautiful balance that is my life. 

From traveling to my business to my rekindled love for fashion (thank you Ella Barnette), to my relationship with my long term, long distance lover, to my one true love, design, to battling mental illness to transferring to a new school, my life is a never ending optical illusion of trying to balance everything out. I want to use this blogging platform on my business website to be open and honest with everyone, and to cultivate my own brand to represent who I am, much like what I do for others. 

For as long as I can remember, design has been a huge part of my life. I’ve been inspired by design since I started my first blog, Belli’s Blog of Fashion, in the 5th grade. I think at that time I had fifteen regular readers and I thought I was going to be the new voice of fashion. However, when my focus shifted from fashion to graphic design in my sophomore year of high school, I knew there was a more ~lucrative~ business in that form of design, and people were impressed by this 15 year old’s design aesthetic, so I absolutely ran with it. 

When I went to college in the fall of 2017, I decided to take a break from design entirely, or so I thought. I became obsessed with planners and bullet journaling, and using bullet journals to  plan my life and to create planners to encompass the life that I wanted to have. I posted photos of my planners on my Instagram and many reached out to me asking if I could design planners for them as well. Personally, I thought that I had left the “design” life behind me, but it turns out I had not (which ended up being the best thing).

I wanted to find a way to balance design, business, travel, my relationship, and the myriad of ideas and things I wanted to accomplish. In the beginning of summer 2018, I quit my waitressing job, mostly due to the stress and burnout of being a waitress in the height of the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, but also to figure out how to successfully run a design business at nineteen years old. It started with reaching out to my first client turned soul sister Ella Barnette, and asking if I could help re-do her website. And then… my business blew up. At first I was calling my business Sunflower Honey Designs, a name that I still use on my design centric projects, but now I am more focused on establishing my name as my brand. The name Morais has such an important meaning to me, since it’s the name I adopted when my dad adopted me this past summer. 

And thus, the business, Bella Morais Brand Development was born. 

I decided on “Brand Development” rather than “design” because brand development is what I am good at, and more importantly, it’s what I love to do. I am passionate about putting my ideas to good use and helping people, businesses, and companies define their brand.

This blog will be a place where I can post design and branding tips, my travel adventures, relationship gossip about myself, but stay tuned for my new relationship podcast, “A Couple Things” coming April 2019 and everything in between.

I am so exited to re-brand my blogging experience and encompass all levels of my design passion and share it with you all.